Author: Judy White
Length: 132 pages
Publisher: Timber Press; Original edition (November 28, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1604690550
ISBN-13: 978-1604690552

Our Description

This award winning book introduces you to the world of orchids in the right way.  By telling you which types of orchids are easy to care for and can be made to flower again and again without too much hassle. It contains large beautiful pictures combined with information about how to care for 50 different types of orchids.  It is a shame that so many people still believe that all orchids are hard to care for and this books makes it part to help cure that misconception .  Bloom-Again Orchids can be a good first book if you want to enter the world of orchids and want t o make sure that you buy orchids that will look better and better for each passing year.

Bloom-Again Orchids Review

The main focus of Bloom-Again Orchids is pictures and not information. This is not necessarily bad but anyone looking for a wealth of information will get disappointed if they buy this book. Anyone who buys this book to learn how to get their flowers to flower again will also, despite the name Bloom-Again Orchids, be disappointed. This book will not teach you much about how to get your orchids to bloom again, but rather tell you about different orchids that are easy to care for and make flower again. Each of the 50 types is associated with some basic growing information but anyone who wants more in-depth information about orchid care should look in another direction. In many ways this book is more orchid porn than it is information. The stunning pictures will be an inspiration to get many of these types of orchids. This book can be the perfect introduction for you the world of orchids but  you might find yourself wanting more info before long. When that happens you will need to find another book or research your favorite orchids from Bloom-Again Orchids online.


Bloom-Again Orchids is a good book for beginners that are just starting to keep orchids.  By buying this book and reading it they can make certain that they buy easy to care for orchids even if they want something a little more exotic than a phalaenopsis orchid. It is also a good book for people who have kept orchids for a while and feel that they want to start expanding their collection a little and want to know what orchids to get.  Experienced orchid keepers might be better of looking for another book as the information in the book isn’t very in depth. An experienced orchid keeper might still enjoy the stunning pictures in the book

Where to buy Bloom-Again Orchids

If you are unable to find Bloom-Again Orchids in your local book store, of if you simple prefer the cheap prices and convenience of buying online you can buy it at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


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